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We are a neo taoist community and a non-profit association dedicated to the study and research of the praxis, intersection, and systems interaction of religion, spirituality, philosophy, culture, and life science. Our community activities revolve around (1) online webinars and inperson study sessions, (2) community fellowship wellness practices, and (3) worldwide sacred places study-tours.

We are based in Finland, the European Union, with the modern and historical Chengdu City, Sichuan, China the birthplace and heartland of the 2500-year-old religion/philosophy of Taoism, as our pilgrimage site and spiritual retreat home base. We also consider the Philippines and the United States as the spiritual, intellectual, and philosophical birthplace of the derivative taoist concept of Neo Tao (New Man, Bagong Tao).

Our vision is a world in peace and harmony with all people living their lives to the fullest. To realize this vision, we purposely set ourselves on a multi-year and long-term vision-mission-goal to change the world, to contribute to individual and societal next stage evolution and progress toward global peace and harmony. Starting from ourselves and then to others and then to all. Peace starts in You and Me. Peace by Peace we believe we can realize our Grand Vision.

We call all men and women of peace and goodwill regardless of race, nationality, citizenship, culture, language, religion-socio-political-economic background to join us to fulfill our great purpose. We aim not to change your religion or non-religion, your politics, or your orientation. Let’s rise above all these things that separate and divide.

Anyone can be a Neo Taoist. You can be a Taoist even if you call yourself a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Theist, Deist, Pandeist, Pantheist, Panentheist, Omnist, Agnostic, Gnostic, Atheist, Searcher, Seeker, or whatever and however, you define yourself spiritually and philosophically.

We adhere to the Neo Tao Society Three 3s:

3 Neo Tao Principles of Goodness (Kabutihan), Wu Wei (Effortlessness), and Togetherness (Yhteishenki)

3 Neo Tao Action Values of Be Kind, Be Healthy, and Be Learned

3 Neo Tao Life Blessings of Peace, Harmony, and Happiness.

We do not have gurus, masters, monks, priests, imams, rabbis, pastors, ministers, mentors, life coaches, or elite religious teachers. We believe we learn best through circular collective learning, sharing, and caring.

We do not have a rigid, structured, top-down, centralized hierarchy, elite spiritual power family, or elite class of leadership. We do not have elaborate rituals, superfluous rites, elaborate ceremonies, complicated doctrines, mind-controlling dogmas, strange teachings, rigid rules, or distinctive clothing. We do not have a yearly membership fee, no subscription fee, no monthly fee, no tithes, no collections, nothing to burden you financially.

We do not have these so-called spiritual programs and spiritual petitions and prayers which you have to pay for. We are not in the business of religion of business. We do not have membership baptism or acceptance rites or any of these external public shows of membership.

You are a Neo Tao Society member once you get awake and made a humble yet firm commitment to yourself, not to us, that you would wisely and purposely walk in the way of peace and harmony. It's as simple as that.

When you join Neo Tao Society gathering you will not bow down to any particular person, persona, god, deity, or worship any man-made icon or relic. When you join Neo Tao Society and visit our temple you simply just pray, meditate, and contemplate in silence, in your own quiet time.

You will hear no preaching, no sermon, no singing, no dancing, no praise and worship, no indoctrination program. We bring the simple truthful beauty, and life-changing principles of Neo Taoism to the People through our daily lives.

You show that you are a Neo Tao Society member by showing excellence, integrity, and value in your school, in your workplace, in your family, and in your community.

Neo Tao Society leader-facilitators and co-workers have no spiritual authority over our members. Hence, corruption and abuse, shenanigans and scams are prevented. We want to genuinely make our society an association with spiritual integrity and authenticity.

We envision the Neo Tao Society as a community and a place to silently pray and meditate, to be with your friends, and to meet new friends. A place to study together in our study hall and library, and a place to exercise and play sports in our gym. Indeed, a multi-purpose temple association for the mind-body-spirit. We offer you a safe space, a no-pressure, non-judgmental fellowship, a community of kind, good, learned people.

Each and every local Neo Tao Society chapters is decentralized and of collective leadership, self-governing, self-programming, self-determining, self-funding, self-financing, self-responsible, and self-accountable.

Once a month we meet and do good work together to help and contribute to making our community more peaceful and harmonious. Once a month we pray, contemplate, reflect, introspect, meditate, exercise, and do martial arts and sports together as a means to contribute to a healthy and balanced mind-body. Once a month we study together and learn comparative religion and spirituality, and a wide range of knowledge and wisdom including studies in history-philosophy-socio-cultural-political-economic-scientific studies and discussion.

Once a year we go on a pilgrimage to Chengdu City, Sichuan, China the birthplace and heartland of Taoism, or in Cebu, the Philippines, or in Vaud, Switzerland, three important Neo Tao Society destinations. Through our Sacred Journeys program and official partners, we can also arrange religio-philosophical-cultural world study and tour in many other sacred sites located in many parts of the world i.e. in the Abrahamic Holy Land in the Middle East; in the Vatican City; in India, China, Korea, and Japan; and in the UK, US, and EU.

If you would like to join a local Neo Tao Society in your place, if you would like to support us in one way or another, or if you would like to organize a local Neo Tao Society in your city, let us know by filling-up our membership form.

What is taoisM? NEO TAoism?


TAOISM can mean different things to different people.

For most people who consider themselves Taoists, Taoism simply means following the 道/Tao/Dao/Daan/Way. That simply means they aim to have natural wu wei effortlessness kind of peace, balance, and harmony in their lifestyle, in their lives, and in their decision-making process.

For philosophers-students-scholars who consider themselves as Taoists, Taoism means reading, learning, studying, and interpreting Taoism foundational texts such as the Tao Te Ching, Chuang Tzu, Liezi, and many other canonical and non-canonical texts vis-a-vis all other religious and secular ideas and belief systems.

For the religious-ceremonial, traditional-cultural Taoists, Taoism means going to the temple, meditating and contemplating, burning incense, praying to deities and xians, and observing ceremonial rites and traditional rituals.

For the scientific-minded Taoists, Taoism means studying and learning ancient Chinese traditional medicine and practices like Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Mingxiang, and Tai Chi as practically applied in modern holistic health and wellness science including the science of epigenetics. For some science-minded Taoists, it also means studying Taoist metaphysics vis-a-vis modern cosmology and quantum physics. For some environmentalist-minded Taoists it also means drawing from the ancient Taoist teachings of environmental stewardship as applied in modern environmental science.

For the martial arts-inclined Taoists, Taoism means appreciating, learning, studying, teaching, and mastering martial arts like Kungfu and related martial arts for self-defense.

Indeed, Taoism can mean different things to different people who call themselves Taoists.

A 2500-year-old self-view and worldview whilst seemingly a complex belief system, whilst philosophical/spiritual/religious/scientific/cultural depending on how you see it is actually just a very practical way of life.

At the heart of Taoism is the revered adherence to the values of peace and harmony followed by millions of Taoists worldwide.

No wonder amongst all major world religions, Taoism is the only one not used in the name of war, violence, systematic abuse and corruption, mass murder of people, colonialism, imperialism, oppression, and injustice. Taoism for 2,500 long years is indeed a religion, science, philosophy, culture, and belief system of Life and Peace.

Taoism is not a religion per se. So, even if you are a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Theist, Deist, Pandeist, Pantheist, Panentheist, Omnist, Agnostic, Gnostic, Atheist, Agnostic, Free Spirit, Seeker, Searcher, or however you define your belief, you can be a Taoist.

Taoists put emphasis on a peaceful and harmonious Life. Hence, the popular symbol of the Yin & Yang, a symbolic representation of the Tao, the core concept in Taoism which can be defined, albeit not fully, as the supreme manifestation and actuation of ultimate reality and creative force. We believe in the Tao, but we do not worship it. Let it be clear that the Tao is not a God.

All Taoists regardless of temple association, group, lineage, sect, or denomination believe in the Tao. One concrete way of us showing that firm belief is that all of us Taoists act in kindness and in peace with one another. We do not waste our time in meaningless arguments and useless bickering.

What is Neo Taoism?

Neo Taoism, also known as Modern Taoism or Contemporary Taoism, refers to a modern interpretation and practice of Taoism that incorporates elements from various philosophical, spiritual, religious, and cultural traditions.

It is a contemporary and scientific approach to Taoism that seeks to adapt the teachings of traditional Taoism to the needs and challenges of the modern world.

Neo Taoism often emphasizes the practical application of Taoist principles in daily life, focusing on personal growth, self-cultivation, and achieving harmony and balance with one's self and with all other creation.

It incorporates teachings and practices from various sources, including classical Taoist texts such as the Tao Te Ching, Chuang Tzu, and Liezi as well as influences from direct spiritual experiences, humanist-philosophical systems, spiritual sacred texts, cultural traditions, and scientific disciplines.

One of the key principles in Neo Taoism is the concept of wu wei and likas, which can be translated as "natural, effortless action" or "non-action." It suggests aligning oneself with the natural flow of the universe and acting in harmony with it, rather than struggling against it.

Neo Taoists often emphasize the importance of mindfulness, self-reflection, exercise, sports, life-long learning, scholarship, and community meetup fellowship as tools for cultivating inner peace, well-being, and balance.

In Neo Taoism, there is an emphasis on kindness, inclusivity, & openness. It recognizes that individuals can identify as Taoists while also adhering to other religious or philosophical beliefs.

What is Neo Tao Society?

Let's start with the etymology first.

Neo, a Greek word meaning "New". It is also an anagram for the English word, One.

Tao, a Chinese word meaning "Way". The Tao is the most important concept in Taoism. Tao in Filipino means "Man", an individual.

Hence, Neo Tao Society is an association, a community of the new one, a new man in you living in the way of peace and harmony, happy and blessed with one's self, with others, with nature, and all of the universe.

Neo Tao Society founded and facilitated in July 2023 by JR Estallo in Finland is a neo taoist peoples association, a spiritual community of people all around the world regardless of socio-political-economic-cultural-religious background promoting peace, understanding, harmony, and wellness.

Neo Tao Society is a simple, safe, open, honest, kind, no-pressure, non-burdensome, non-judgmental, respectful, peaceful, and harmonious community. We welcome you just as you are anytime, and you can leave freely anytime just as well. More than anything else, we wish you blessings, wellness, and happiness!

Watch this educational video "What is Daoism?" from the religious scholar and teacher Filip Holm of "Let's Talk Religion" Spotify and Youtube channel as he explains the context and concepts of Taoism (Daoism), and how the philosophy/religion/way of life of Taoism is as relevant today as it was 2500 years ago. Enjoy!

There's beauty in being kind


At the heart of Neo Tao Society is kindness.

Kindness is the most tangible manifestation of the love and peace that lives within a man of peace. If you have peace in your heart, kindness shows.

The opposite is true. When one does not have peace in his heart, unkindness shows in thoughts, words, and deeds. Unkindness can come in many forms, big and small. Cruelty and violence are the ultimate manifestations of unpeace and unkindness.

Man and woman doing Tai Chi chuan at sunset on the beach.  solo outdoor activities. Social Distancing. Healthy lifestyle  concept.


A healthy mind and healthy body bring wealth and happiness. Taking care of your physical body is good for your mental health. The same way taking care of your mental health is good for your physical body.

The mind and body interact and influence one another in complex ways. That is why in Neo Tao Society we do mingxiang meditation/mindfulness and tai chi calisthenics exercises to contribute to a healthy mind and body.

Late night study sessions


We put emphasis and premium on learning and education. Learning new knowledge, skills, and understanding opens up opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Together we will learn the whole gamut of knowledge and wisdom. From philosophy, religion, science, technology, business, law, politics, economics, and ecology.

Neo Tao Society makes it a point that we contribute to our members learning and education by organizing meaningful events and valuable seminars, trainings, workshops, and study-tours.

Silhouette of a Man Standing Outdoors at Sunset


Taoism is a way of life. Being kind to one's self. and to others. Having a balanced life is important to have a healthy mind and body.

- Viivi, Helsinki, Finland

I recently became a Taoist and now I have more conscious effort on my lifestyle. On what I think, do, eat, and drink. I live a happier and more meaningful life.

- Shine, Chengdu, China

I belong to another religion, but I also consider myself as a Taoist. There is no problem with it because Taoism does not force you into anything that I do not believe. I think it is the kindest of all religion, if I can call it that way.

- John Paul, Manila, Philippines

Taoism although a very old religion or philosophy or simply just a way of life is a very peaceful belief system. Have you heard of any country colonized or destroyed by war in the name of Taoism?

- Johanna, Helsinki, Finland

Taoism is about living in peace and harmony with nature and your fellow human beings. I am happy to be a Taoist.

- Miyako, Tokyo, Japan

Our modern world today is full of stress and anxiety. I find the practical teachings of Taoism very beneficial. It answers my life questions with truth, beauty, simplicity, and honesty. Taoism allows me to live my life to the fullest. I am at peace and in harmony with myself, with others, with nature, and all of creation.

- Andy, California, USA

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